May 12, 2020

Garden Update

Back in early March as a GWP, I got half a dozen seedling kits from Marks & Spencers "Little Garden" range of grow your own veg and flowers.

I'm really pleased to see that most of the seeds have not only sprouted, but are obviously going to give me some produce!



April (lockdown month, typical) was largely warm and dry so good growing for young plants. However, this second week of May has veered into a cold snap with a raw Easterly wind during the day and frost at night. I've been covering the seedlings in the evening and will continue to do so until the temps get back to normal which should be sometime this coming weekend.

I have a pot of peppers and basil which just weren't doing well outdoors, so I have brought them back inside to be nursed along on the warm, sunny windowsills for another couple of weeks.

My children surprised me with a long distance Mother's Day gift of a gorgeous blue hydrangea that was delivered on Saturday. I say blue, so why does it look purpley-pink in the photo? Absolutely beautiful plant and I'm looking forward to lots of full blooms on it as the seasons evolve. I have a pink hydrangea so the two colours will make a nice contrast.

Lockdown continues here and it looks like we are going to be doing it to some degree until at least the end of June. So three months in all, which is what most countries are doing. Some restrictions are slowly being lifted, but services like hairdressers are not opening again until July. Lord only knows what my head is going to look like 12 weeks post last cut rather than the usual six weeks..... Cousin It's sister comes to mind ..... the hazards of having short hair to start with. You start looking shaggy sooner. Never mind, that's what hats were invented for. I'm grateful that family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic are healthy and happy so that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, back home in New Brunswick, the Fundy Trail opens on the 15th! We are hoping to be on that trail next Summer and I don't mean on vacation. More on that in another post.

Stay safe, stay well and here's to the New Normal, whatever that will be.